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TSM Snuff Company is one of the leading snuff manufacturers in India. With nearly 60 years of experience, the company strives hard to produce high-quality snuff. The founders witnessed the consumer’s struggle to identify avante-grade products. This motivated them to establish a company that would maintain their standards under all circumstances. As a result, the company has developed a systematic process that allows them to source the best raw materials and convert them into premium snuff. The technique has been perfected over the years. It has enabled us to be a strong player in the market. This has also made us one of India’s top tobacco snuff companies.

What factors distinguish TSM Snuff Company from other snuff suppliers in India?

TSM Snuff Company is a family run business that has successfully maintained the quality for more than 60 years. The company understand the consumer’s affiliation towards the product and the brand. One of the notable traits of our company is that we treat our customers with respect and compassion. We do not compromise on the product quality. Some companies do not understand this ethos and tend to use low-quality raw materials. However, as the leading snuff suppliers in India, we take the time and effort to handpick the best raw materials. We have a dedicated R & D department that conducts extensive research on the subject. These studies have helped to retain and deliver the best snuff products. Though there are various chewing tobacco brands in India, consumers prefer our snuff product. Every step of the manufacturing process is precisely crafted to develop the best product. We do not stop with the single variant of snuff. Our team has conducted extensive research to understand the customer’s preference. This has empowered us to develop unique products to cater to the needs of a diverse consumer base.

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As one of the top 10 tobacco snuff companies in Chennai (Madras), we understand our responsibility towards our clientele. Our founders started the company from a humble beginning and grew it into one of the leading snuff manufacturers in India. We understand the government regulations on the segment and take utmost care to follow these guidelines. We have a stringent production protocol that enables us to maintain the service standards. In addition to being one of the top producers of tobacco products in India, we are also the best snuff suppliers in India. We have a production plant in Chennai and market the product across India. In addition, we are the leading dealers in Madras snuff powder online and tobacco snuff online in India.

How is TSM Snuff Company the best snuff manufacturer in India?

Our structured protocol has been acknowledged by leading snuff manufacturers in India. We have segmented the process into different segments. The first step is the procurement phase. The quality of tobacco products in India depends on the authenticity of the raw materials. We source the materials from the best vendors in the country. Every batch is extensively tested to understand if it meets our quality guidelines. Next, our team would segregate the leaves to pick the best ones. The leaves are shredded as it enhances the flavour during the frying process. Our team has comprehensive experience in this avenue. We take all necessary precautions to maintain the natural flavour of the leaves. We are one of the few snuff manufacturers in India that provide natural snuff. Our production team would manually evaluate the leaves at this stage. This enables us to segregate them based on their level of crispiness. Our experience has taught us that the leaves reach a particular stage to provide the best results. We will subject the leaves to further frying if they do not meet our expected standards. Our team of quality engineers check and validate this process. We diligently follow this step for all our batches. This is one of the reasons we can maintain the quality of the product. Once the final product meets our quality standards, we package the products in airtight containers. Our experience in the industry as the leading snuff supplier in India allows us to package the product correctly. We take special caution so that the product retains its original flavour and aroma.

Product Portfolio

TSM Snuff company markets the product under Umbrella Brand and Temple car Brand. Each brand is unique and targets a specific audience group. Consumers who use snuff has diverse requirements. The product is quite popular in India and various countries across the globe. Our product portfolio is inclusive of

The unique brown snuff is moist and pleasant. The other two variants are less moist compared to the former. The Golden special snuff is the stronger one of all three versions. As the leading snuff manufacturer in India, the company has an extensive consumer base. One of the notable aspects of TSM Snuff company is that the company has been able to maintain the standards of the product. This would explain the customer loyalty towards the brand. The company has established its manufacturing unit in Chennai (Madras). TSM Snuff Company handles the entire production and packaging process in this factory. The unit is equipped with the latest and state of the art equipment that aids us in the production process. We follow all the guidelines levied by the government. We have a dedicated team to oversee the entire process and maintain quality standards. As the leading tobacco snuff exporters in India, we have an obligation to develop hygienic and high-grade stuff. We take pride in our ability to keep hold of the authenticity of the products. Most snuff manufacturers in India have shifted to the modern system and redesigned their products. However, we take immense pride in fulfilling the needs of our existing client base. Additionally, we also help the new generations relish the experience of the traditional tobacco products in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Studies show that snuff is underrated due to a lack of awareness and social stigma. In the yesteryears, this product was considered a cheaper version of nicotine. Unfortunately, consumers still have the same perception about the product. However, this is one of India’s most popular tobacco snuff products.

Snuff is available in different variants. It can be a fine powder or a coarse substance. This would depend on the snuff manufacturers in India. The product can be inhaled through the nose or placed inside the mouth. Different devices would assist in the process.

According to snuff suppliers in India, Manufactured tobacco products are processed goods such as cigarettes, snuff, etc. On the other hand, unmanufactured products are ones where the leaves are processed but yet to be manufactured.

Tobacco is mostly found in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, etc. The snuff manufacturers in India would source the leaves from reputed buyers in the region. The companies would canvas the area to identify the best leaves that would meet their expectations.

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