Our Journey

The Umbrella Brand Madras Snuff has intense ancestry roots that dates back to the early 60’s. The brand which was once started on a small scale has grown, developed & flourished due to the dedication, hard work & authenticity followed in preparing fresh snuff with its original flavour. We stand today strong & head high in our industry because of the stringent traditional method we follow in selection of tobacco leaves & processing. With mere focus on quality our ancestors have worked hard to develop Umbrella Snuff to what it is today!

As the business grew, we as a family developed a new brand in our signature traditional pattern- Temple Car Brand Madras Snuff. This helped us in gaining more confidence in the people and spreading our wings further. Quality is our marketing strategy which has helped us grow globally from a locally set up brand. The entire operation of business is focussed on traditional hereditary method of processing snuff. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of natural snuff across the globe with the same authenticity & originality.

Featured Products

Brown Special Snuff

Golden Special Snuff

Golden Super Special Snuff