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Indian Snuff products have been quite popular across the globe. However, this journey has been quite challenging for the companies. The industry has recently attained significant popularity and credibility owing to leading companies such as TSM Snuff Company. The history of Snuff is exciting and unique. Unlike other tobacco products, there has been mixed opinion about snuff. There are also some controversies regarding the subject. We want to address these factors and provide a realistic image of Indian white snuff. In the yesteryears, the product had a solid customer base. People across all backgrounds preferred the product. However, there were certain misconceptions regarding the product.  It is imperative to understand the reasons for this image. The module of consumption was always debated. Some people feared that this would lead to infection and other issues in the mouth. However, there are safer techniques for the consumption of snuff. Companies such as TSM Snuff Company take utmost caution to develop authentic products that provide the best experience.

History of Snuff

The earliest mention of Snuff dates back to 1493. They even had a dedicated instrument or pipe to inhale the product. Snuff was initially used in Brazil and Lesser Antilles. It was later spread to Europe. Historical records show that the product treated cold and healed burns. It was pretty helpful in helping people manage their pain. The Dutch coined the term ‘Snuff” in 1560. The product has become popular and even expensive during this time. The popularity of the product grew in the upcoming years. People from across the globe began to use the product. They were even mills and factories established in different parts of the world. These companies produced over 100 varieties of the item. The snuff came to South Asia in 1600. There are some debates regarding the safest method of consumption. The mindset of the people played a critical role in shaping the customer base of the product. This even limited usage to a particular group of people. However, companies made an effort to explain the authenticity of the product. They argued that low nicotine levels in the product would make it an ideal starter for people starting their tobacco journey. The invention of smoking pipes did simplify the consumption process. These relentless campaigns from leading companies across the globe have helped snuff to regain its popularity. All significant countries do have their share of manufacturing units for the production of Snuff. However, Indian Snuff has gained traction to provide traditional and high-grade products to the masses. Companies have been making the product in India and exporting them to other countries.

Indian Snuff

What factors distinguish Indian Snuff?

South Asia has been the largest producer of Tobacco in the world. The climatic conditions and soil in the region have been favourable for growth. India is the second-largest producer in the world. Various types of tobacco plants are ideal for each product. The leaves needed for snuff production are grown in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. The Indian white snuff is prepared using traditional methods with unique flavours. Some brands, such as TSM Snuff Company, do not add any flavours to provide an authentic experience. The quality of the leaves, the technique and packaging help the companies to distinguish Indian Snuff from other products.

Who is the best Indian Snuff manufacturer in the country?

TSM Snuff Company is the best and most reputed organisation in this field. The company has over 60 years of experience. We are based out of Chennai (Madras). The manufacturing unit is located in this area. The company sources the leaves from trusted partners across the country. Our years of expertise allow us to identify the best raw materials for Snuff. The quality of these materials plays a vital role in the outcome of the product. We have designed stringent guidelines for this selection process. Every batch is extensively tested to ensure we maintain our standards. We have made the right changes in our production process. This enables us to preserve the originality of the product. We deploy the right amount of manual and automated labour to get the best results. We used firewood to fry the leaves as it helps to retain the flavour. We check every aspect of the leaf to ensure that it is equally fried. We then crush the leaves into a powder. This can be coarse or smooth based on the product profile. Our extensive marketing research has shown that most consumers prefer Indian Snuff in this natural flavour. This is the primary reason we do not add any preservatives to the product. Our products are marketed under the brand names Temple Car and Umbrella.  We have clients from various parts of the country and the world. Our founders have strived hard to retain the authenticity of the product. This has helped us establish a position as the best Indian Snuff manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though there are restrictions for other smokeless tobacco products, Snuff is legal in India. Consumers can purchase the product from a reputed dealer or company. Indian Snuff is even exported to different parts of the globe.

Nassar is a type of powdered tobacco snuff. Though this might not be a drug, the product can cause addiction and harm users’ health. Therefore, consumers must be aware of these effects before using the product. This would help them to prevent unnecessary issues.

Kuber is addictive and contains high levels of nicotine. Consumers use this product as it gives them a sense of euphoria. However, Indian Snuff from TSM Snuff Company will not have a similar kind of effect. Therefore, the company takes utmost caution to maintain the nicotine levels well within the approved levels.

Paan is made with Areca nut, slaked lime, betel leaf and spices. The addition of tobacco is entirely optional and would depend on the manufacturers. However, consumers should be aware of the composition before they use them.

People use cigarettes and other smokeless tobacco products such as snuff as it helps them to relax. Though a fair percentage of people start smoking due to stress or peer pressure, they continue due to the feeling it gives. Therefore, a popular product in the tobacco market is the Indian Snuff.

There are bans on certain tobacco products due to their addictive nature. However, this might not apply to all products. This might not be due to a large number of users or the revenue. But the Government has levied strict regulations regarding smoking in public places.

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