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Madras Snuff is one of the popular products in the segment. This product is distinctive from its peers owing to its flavour and production process. TSM Snuff Company is one of the reliable companies in the region to develop quality snuff. The product has gained significant traction, and it has become quite popular across the globe. The company has loyal customers from various parts of the country. Our company has a manufacturing unit in the outskirts of Chennai (Madras). We have established our base in the region owing to the favourable circumstances. This prime location gives us seamless access to the raw materials and enables us to maintain our supply chain.

We have infused the right amount of modern advancements in our operations. Though we follow the traditional techniques for our production, we use applications to maintain our inventory and manage the orders. It is imperative to remember that it might be challenging to establish a unique brand amidst heavy competition. This is because consumers have multiple choices and can get easily carried away. People consider various aspects such as quality, price and brand reputation to choosing a particular product. TSM Snuff company takes utmost caution to develop Madras Snuff powder to maintain its popularity. It is pivotal to understand the history of snuff and how this particular product came into existence.

What is the history of Snuff?

The concept of snuff production is not native to India. In fact, it was initiated by the Europeans. People became interested in the product, and it gradually spread to other countries. Explorers play a significant role in taking the product to different parts of the world. The production technique was customised to meet the material availability and need of the particular region. People experimented with other methods before settling for the best option. Once the process reached Asia, the product evolved to become Madras Tobacco Snuff.

The production technique for this particular product needs extra caution. TSM Snuff Company is one of the leading players in the segment. Though the technique might vary based on each company, some were considered superior. This can be identified based on the customer’s interest and brand retention value. In recent days, consumers are well aware of the product. They might not settle on any product or service. They take the time to research the product and make the right decision. Though Madras Snuff powder might not be the origin, it has created a name for itself through us.

What is Madras Snuff?

This type of snuff is produced in Chennai (Madras). The production technique is unique and strives hard to maintain the product’s authenticity. It is a common misconception that people prefer the latest product version. Though this might be true in some cases, it does not apply to everything. Consumers have always been curious about the next update. This is because they are unwilling to settle for anything less than the ordinary. Though this might be true for gadgets and clothes, there have been debates about flavour. When consumers like a taste or flavour, they rely on this aspect. This is why people get nostalgic about their mother’s and grandmom’s cooking. Though they might be willing to experiment with new dishes, the memory of their favourite dishes remains the same.

Similarly, when consumers like a product for their traditional taste, they choose them despite the other variations. This might help them to stay connected with the past. For example, Madras Snuff powder prepared by TSM Snuff Company with natural ghee flavour, and natural ingredients to match the traditional Madras snuff with its original flavour & aroma is a flavour that brings a sense of nostalgia to the users.

What does TSM Snuff Company do to maintain the product authenticity?

In recent days, it has become relatively easy to upgrade. Most factories completely update their process to streamline their operations. This is because these processes are automated and lower wastage. As a result, companies would be able to maintain their production volume and avoid unnecessary costs. This up-gradation has been quite successful in most cases. The downside is that sometimes this change would compromise the product’s taste. Regular users might be able to witness slight differences in the aroma and flavour. TSM Snuff Company has maintained its traditional taste & process by retaining all the main process involved in production. For instance, frying & grinding the tobacco leaves with the natural ingredients is an important step to get desired & original flavoured Madras snuff.

Our company used firewood to roast the tobacco leaves. This provides an additional aroma in addition to the natural flavour of the leaves. It might not be possible to accomplish this level of consistency through an automated method. The company uses a skilled team of resources to check if the tobacco leaves are adequately fried manually. This helps them repeat the process to ensure it reaches the desired level. The leaves are then grounded with natural ingredients to produce snuff. The company does not use any chemicals and does not hurt the users. We sell the product under the name Umbrella Snuff powder online.  The company uses technology to sell its product. We receive enquiries through WhatsApp and messages & email. Our team of customer support executives will vet the process and confirm the order. We are conscious of selling the product to the right audience. We would then ship the orders to the consumer’s location.

How is Madras Snuff different from other snuff products?

One of the significant aspects that make a difference is the production technique and the composition. TSM Snuff Company utilises a traditional technique to manufacture the product. We would manually check the tobacco leaves during procurement & also check if they are fried to the right level. The leaves are refried if the results are not satisfactory. The company chooses the best tobacco leaves for Madras Snuff production. The leaves are sourced from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. We have a team of reputed vendors who help us with the selection. The leaves are stripped & cut so that they would be easy to fry. The leaves with thick veins might need the extra heat to burn. We do not add any chemicals as they can have adverse effects on the health. We market the products under two brand names – Umbrella Snuff powder online and Temple Car snuff powder online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snuff was used for recreational purpose. Madras Snuff is usually placed inside the mouth or placed on the tip of our nostrils

In the olden days, it was used by explorers and leaders for entertainment. The product was inhaled or placed in the mouth.

The Madras Snuff manufactured by TSM Snuff Company is not harmful. This is because they do not contain any chemical or dangerous ingredients. It contains only natural ingredients to provide the desired taste, flavour, aroma etc.

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