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TSM Snuff Company is one of the leading Snuff brands in India. The company has over 60 years of experience making us a pioneer in the industry. The founders of the brand envisioned a company and process to manufacture authentic and traditional snuff. They had a clear perception of the customer expectation. This motivated them to perfect the technique and follow the process diligently. The company is now managed by the fourth generation leaders who share the same ethos. This has been an unique sector who manufacturers smokeless tobacco product.

The segment has significantly evolved in the past few years. The companies have the responsibility to deal with both the direct and indirect competition. This means that they have to consistently innovate their processes while maintaining their product profile. Specialists have always attempted to understand the distinguishing factors between snuff and other tobacco products. These analysis show that snuff has less risk if taken in moderation. However, the modern generation has not shown more inclination towards the product. This is mainly due to the social stigma surrounding the subject. The best snuff brands in India claim that this product has much potential as any tobacco product. It is imperative to understand the intricate aspects of this product before making a choice.

What is Snuff?

This is a smokeless tobacco product that can be inhaled or placed between the gums and brushed. Sometimes, the consumers used the term sniffed or snuffed to consume the product. This is why the product is known as snuff. There are different types of nicotine products. Snuff is one of the most popular products in the segment. People from across the globe utilise this product. Though it might not be prevalent among the modern generation, the sector does have a strong audience base. Snuff is manufactured in different variants. The type of consumption would depend on the type of the product.

Snuff brands in India

As one of the top 10 tobacco snuff companies in Chennai (Madras), we understand our responsibility towards our clientele. Our founders started the company from a humble beginning and grew it into one of the leading snuff manufacturers in India. We understand the government regulations on the segment and take utmost care to follow these guidelines. We have a stringent production protocol that enables us to maintain the service standards. In addition to being one of the top producers of tobacco products in India, we are also the best snuff suppliers in India. We have a production plant in Chennai and market the product across India. In addition, we are the leading dealers in Madras snuff powder online and tobacco snuff online in India.

How is snuff manufactured?

TSM Snuff Company, one of the leading snuff brands in India follow a systematic protocol to manufacture the product. The company has been conducting extensive research on the segment. They have analysed the global standards to implement the best production techniques. One of the notable aspects of the company is that we genuinely care about the welfare of our consumers. This has motivated us to maintain the standards of our product for over 60 years. Some companies tend to compromise the quality of the product as they evolve. However, our founders take extreme caution to maintain these standards under all circumstances. Our years of experience in the segment has given us the opportunity to perfect the production technique. We work closely with our potential target group to understand their preference. We design our products to meet their expectations. Our production process consists of the following steps

Product Portfolio

The primary step towards manufacturing a good product is to source the best raw materials. As one of the top 10 snuff brands, TSM Snuff Company procures their materials from reputed dealers. Our team has extensive experience in identifying the best produce for snuff. We have a dedicated team to check every batch of the raw materials to validate its authenticity. This step plays a critical role in ensuring the quality of the final product.


The next step is to separation the stalk and the leaves. This is a crucial step as it would help us retain the original flavour. This is a delicate process as it would take intricate detailing to execute this step. This step also gives us the opportunity to remove any dry or stale leaves. We are extremely cautious to use only the best leaves for our production process.


Tobacco leaves are usually big. This might not be ideal for the frying step. It might be quite difficult to extract the complete flavour when if we use these large leaves. We would cut the leaves into rough and small pieces. The goal is to ensure that the leaves are uniformly burned in the next step. We undertake this step by using specialised equipments.


TSM Snuff Company, one of the leading snuff brands in India uses a traditional method to fry the leaves. This step is pivotal in transforming the tobacco leaves into snuff. We use a slow heating process to absorb most of the flavour. Our company uses high grade firewood for this process. We are one of the few companies in the country to follow the authentic technique for frying the tobacco leaves.


The next step is to sort the fried leaves. Our team would undertake this step to ensure that all leaves are fried uniformly. This would warrant the uniform flavouring of the snuff. Our team of proficient and experienced resources would sort the leaves. Sometimes, the midribs and veins might require some extra heat. Once the leaves are completely fried, then it is read for processing.


The final stage in the production process is the grounding of the fried leaves. This can be converted into a fine or coarse powder. We would separate the leaves according to the requirements and ground it accordingly.


The final step is the packaging of the powder. TSM Snuff Company, one of the top 10 snuff brands markets our product under two different brand names. These products are quite popular for its authenticity across India. Our names are Umbrella Brand and Temple Car Brand.

We market our products across the country. Our traditional approach and authenticity has enabled us to retain our customer base. Though there are various snuff brands in India, consumers have also preferred our products. Every batch is extensively tested to ensure it meets our quality standards. This empowers us to establish our position as one of the best snuff brands in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The product is available in India. The government has levied an age regulation for the usage of the product. Consumers can find the top 10 snuff brands in various stores across the country.

According to Merriam Webster, the medical definition is “ a preparation of pulverized tobacco to be inhaled through the nostrils, chewed or placed against the gums. The medical benefits of the products is still in the research phase.

Tobacco products are broadly classified into smoke and smokeless products. The former include cigarettes, bidis and kreteks. The latter would be snuff, dip and snus. TSM Snuff Company is one of the best snuff brands in India.

Snuff is a smokeless tobacco product that is either inhaled or placed between the gums and brushed. People use it for recreational purposes.

Consumers can find Madras snuff powder online. Though there are minimal restrictions, customers can buy the product through the website.

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