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T.S.M. Snuff Company operates its manufacturing plant in Chennai – India & distributes its products under the brand “UMBRELLA & TEMPLE CAR” in major parts of the country & across the borders.

The company is under the able guidance & support of Mr T G Arumugam, who is one of the pioneers in the industry for producing quality snuff products with natural ingredients & traditional process for more than 40 years. T.G. Arumugam along with his son’s Mr. T A Jishnu Prasad & Mr T A Janesh, the 4th generation of the family who have also grown amidst the snuff preparation environment have immense interest & extensive knowledge about various authentic methods that goes into the signature “MADRAS SNUFF”

The manufacturing plant is situated in the outskirts of Chennai (earlier called as Madras), Tamil Nādu India, where we select- sort- process tobacco leaves to produce traditional Tobacco snuff. We follow the traditional method of preparation from the scratch of the process to delivery.  Our current manufacturing unit produces close to 1.5 tons of snuff per day. We are known for our hereditary process of making snuff without missing on even the smallest aspect of processing & manufacturing. We value Quality & believe Quality is the pride of workmanship. Our company with efficient employees, focuses on the supply chain from the starting stage of procurement of tobacco leaves to the end consumer experience of our snuff.

T.S.M. snuff company is involved solely in manufacturing & distribution of tobacco snuff. Under the brand ‘’UMBRELLA MADRAS SNUFF we serve authentic & traditional snuff with natural aroma and flavour in Bangalore – Urban and Rural & Udipi districts in Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana in South India and all other parts of the rest of the country & overseas. Under the brand ‘TEMPLE CAR MADRAS SNUFF temple car we serve authentic traditional snuff with organic flavour all over the country. We also offer our extended services to snuff lovers worldwide. Our major variety is Brown Snuff, traditionally known as “Madras Ghee Snuff” & another variety is White Snuff which is also popularly known as “Madras Snuff”. Being in the market for more than 5 decades, have given us a deep insight into what goes into making a perfect Madras snuff with natural aroma & original flavour. We also serve the modern era crowd with our ancestral snuff who embrace the traditional snuff with open hands for its originality & authenticity.

Our Roots are Strong so is our Snuff- Have a Try!

Featured Products

Umbrella Brand

*Available only in Bangalore – Urban & Rural and Udipi

Temple Car Brand

*Available all over India

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